Oil in the Bible

In my book ‘Gifts from God’s Garden’ I describe twenty-five plants, trees, and fruits in the Bible, that were already being used extensively as health products. Are you also curious about the amazing qualities of oils such as spikenard, myrrh, and Frankincense? Here is a short preview:

Shortly before his crucifixion and death, Jesus was anointed with spikenard ointment. Spikenard is a plant of the valerian family. The Hebrew word for spikenard is derived from a root meaning “light” or “vision”. More than ever before, Jesus needed vision to be able to endure the suffering that was before Him. In Hebrews 12:2 we read that Jesus did not shrink back from the shame of the cross but endured it for the joy that was set before Him. Could the spikenard have helped Him in this? That could very well be! Spikenard gives you “light”, as the name says. Today it is often given to survivors of natural disasters or those who have been traumatized, in order to help them get through that period and gain renewed hope and vision for their future. The valuable spikenard used to anoint Jesus may have been of much greater value to Him than that we have realized thus far.

Myrrh is derived from a word that means “bitter” (mara). It is the red resin of a desert tree, that rolls down the trunk in drops, due to the heat. These drops are called “red tears”. They are the tears of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, where his sweat fell to the earth like large drops of blood when He was overcome by agony. When Jesus hung on the cross, his blood trickled down his body like red tears. Myrrh is associated with love that suffers. It gives you the strength to let go, to lay down your life. Queen Esther was bathed in myrrh for half a year. She gained the courage to say: “If I die, I die” when she performed a heroic act for her people at the risk of her own life. The oil of myrrh could very well have supported her in this, as myrrh contains components that make you courageous.

Frankincense is a resin from the Boswellia tree. The Hebrew word for frankincense means “white”, “pure”. The priests in the temple were surrounded all day with the scent of frankincense. Frankincense gives you clarity of thought and it is very purifying for your skin!

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