People sometimes ask me why I am so enthusiastic about dōTERRA and why do I use this specific oil.

  1. dōTERRA means gift from the earth. I too have a passion for the “gifts from God’s garden”, God’s natural medicine that He freely and lovingly makes available to us in his creation.

  2. dōTERRA essential oils contain only the pure, essential oil derived from the plant itself and there are no added fillers or artificial ingredients that could diminish the quality of the oil. They are free of pollutants such as pesticides, preservatives, or toxins.

  3. dōTERRA requires that their oil is only of the highest quality. Every liter of oil is tested by independent, external parties that adhere to standards of the CPTG Process (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) a protocol that has been developed by dōTERRA. This not only guarantees the purity of the oil but also the consistency. You can know the oil is safe. If the oil does not meet the standards, then dōTERRA will not put it on the market. There are no concessions made on the quality of the oil, even if this means that oil may not be available for a few months.

  4. dōTERRA is transparent about these test results and evens makes the results readily available. Just enter the number on the bottom of the bottle on sourcetoyou.com.

  5. The oils smell lovely; they make you very happy! That is because dōTERRA chooses the best plants that have been grown in ideal environments and have been carefully harvested at the point in which the plants are at their highest value. They take into consideration the state of the soil, the climate, the height, and the harvest season. This oil smells very different than the products in the sauna or at the supermarket. You also need only a little oil for the same results, because dōTERRA oils are highly concentrated. Sometimes people will purchase a cheaper oil from a natural product store and later they discover that dōTERRA really does have the best oil.

  6. Last but not least: dōTERRA works on improving the living standards of the farmers (a large amount of oil is harvested in developing nations) by providing them with a fair salary, building schools, and setting up projects that increase the self-sustainability of the people. dōTERRA also has an amazing non-profit that I wholeheartedly support: the Healing Hands Foundation. Their aim is to bring healing and hope to the world, setting people free from sickness and poverty. The foundation is financed by members, employees, and management within dōTERRA. The proceeds from the Rose hand lotion and the Hope oil go to this Healing Hands Foundation in their entirety.